Hey ya’ll, we’re excited to announce that our music video for our latest single “Tonight I’m Moving On” is completed!

Give it a look-see here… Share it on your facebook walls. We’d love you forever. Thanks and see ya soon!!!

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Hey ya’ll, this weekend (on Saturday night) we’re playing a gig at Adair’s Saloon in Dallas, TX. Cherry on top??? We’re gonna record parts of the show and the audience for use in our upcoming music video!! So…have you ever been in a music video? Ya wanna??? We’re excited about it! This is our first “real” music video! So it should be fun! So get down to Adair’s on Saturday night and act a fool!! It’s going to be a great time. We should kick off the music at about 10 PM!! We’ll be filming random stuff all night…so, most importantly, don’t miss it! See ya Saturday! :)

10:00 PM


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“TONIGHT I’M MOVING ON” gets added to radio!

What a great year it’s been so far. This week our single “Tonight I’m Moving On” (aka “Tonight”) hits radio stations across the state and beyond. We’re very excited about getting our music out to more people and having the support of radio people behind it. If you would like to hear it on your local station, call them and request it. Old school, I know. Our success lies in the hands of our fans and supporters, without people coming to shows, requesting songs on the radio and buying albums we couldn’t make it all work. And for that, we are thankful! We hope you start hearing “Tonight I’m Moving On” on your local country/red dirt/americana station soon! Let us know if you do!

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Hey folks….

We’ll be playing a little run at the brand new Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Dallas, TX this week! It’s going to be fun times. The venue is spectacular so you should try and stop by at some point. Here’s the deets:

Wednesday Night – We start at 9:30 and play til 1:30AM

Thursday Night - We start at 9:30 and play til 1:30AM

Friday Night - We start earlier…at 8:00PM!!!! We’ll play two sets and then national touring act, Keith Anderson and his band will take the stage from 10:30 to 12:15 or so. We’ll come back on and close the night out after that til 1:30 AM!!

Saturday Night – We start at 9:30 and play til 1:30AM.

Rock on!


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Big Star 97 FM – Memorial Day Jam and Benefit Concert – Sunday May 27th is a great radio station that is a huge supporter our flavor of music and more importantly helps out others. Every year they do a Toys for Tots benefit in the winter time. But now it’s spring and time for their annual Memorial Day Jam and Benefit Concert. It’s an all day event on Sunday May 27th at Filthy McNasty’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards! The event is great fun and probably the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon and evening….who has work on Monday anyway??? There are some very talented artists doing acoustic song swaps all day long and the bands kick off at 10PM. Tom will be playing acoustic during the 3:00 – 4:30 timeslot swapping songs with Phil Hamilton. Phil’s latest single “Bad” has jumped up in the Top 5 on the Texas Music Charts. Congrats Phil!

Come by Filthy McNasty’s in the Stockyards on Sunday May 27th and enjoy a great time for a great cause!

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Larry Joe Taylor Festival

Have you ever been to the Larry Joe Taylor Festival in Stephenville? It’s about the biggest thing you’ll find for music like ours. Its a 4 days festival with amazing musicians and bands and an even better (and very enthusiastic and possibly well hydrated) crowd! We were lucky enough to get to play it this year! We kicked off the Bud Light stage on Wednesday evening. We got to share the stage with Johnny Cooper, Cory Morrow, The Great Divide, Kevin Fowler and Josh Abbott. Festivals are good times and this was a really special time for us. Thanks for having us out LJT folks. It was a first class event!

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KHYI – 95.3 Texas Music Showdown — WINNERS!!

Great times in Fort Worth recently. We competed against some great bands in 95.3 KHYI The Range’s “Texas Music Showdown.” It came down to three great bands (Left Arm Tan, and The Rodeo Clown Dropouts and us of course) and we were lucky enough to walk away the WINNERS! Very exciting! A huge thank you to Brett Dillon from KYHI and all the KHYI staff! Thanks also to The White Elephant Saloon in Fort Worth for hosting the 9 week event and all of the celebrity judges that took part in the action!! We feel honored to have taken home the win!!! WOOHOO!

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FREE DOWNLOAD….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Hey guys and gals,

Thanks for coming by the page. In honor of the upcoming New Year, (it’s 2012 for those keeping count) we are giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD of a track on the new album. The song is called “Tonight”. We feel it’s the perfect tune to give away and maybe the perfect anthem for the start of your New Year!! It’s easy and it’s right here!

Just grab your mouse and hover over the song “Tonight” and click the “Download” icon (it’s the arrow icon) to the right of “TONIGHT” and it will be in your music libary in NO TIME! Tell your mama, tell your sister, tell your friends. Who doesn’t want more music on their iPod???

Thanks again and we’ll see you NYE at Adairs Saloon in Dallas, TX! 2012 here we come! BOOM!

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Annnd…we’re back

Hey Folks!

What a bizarre few months it’s been. Our website has been hacked and taken offline twice. We’re are now back up and running and trying to get everything back to normal…whatever normal is.

Anyway, we have exciting news!! We’re playing NEW YEAR’S EVE in Dallas, TX at Adair’s Saloon with our good buddies Southern Drive. It’s going to be a raucous time, so bring your big boy (and girl) pants! Not only is the event FREE to get in, it will be FREE of uber Dallas cheesiness as well! I’M SOLD!!! So grab your best honky-tonkin’ New Year’s eve outfit, bedazzle if you must, and grab hold of your bootstraps and hold on!!! The music starts at 9:30 and will be rocking till 2AM. And don’t forget the very special complementary Boone’s Farm “Strawberry Hill” midnight toast…out of the ever-classy Dixie Cup! Now that is how you celebrate NEW YEARS! Hope you can join us for ringing in 2012!!

In the meantime, we’ll keep getting the site finalized and re-done. Sorry for any confusion. I don’t know why someone wants to hack this website, other than to be annyoning, and if that’s the case, well, congrats. You succeeded. Thanks again for your support everyone! See you New Years Eve!!


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